Cloth Nappies

This is a post I’ve wanted to write since I fell pregnant, cloth nappies are something I knew I wanted to use from day one but after reading tons of blogs, going to events and speaking to people who use cloth I felt more confused than ever.

I knew I wanted to use them due to the many benefits such as

  1. Cost. They say on average you are looking at spending around £700 on disposables over 2 years. (Now every baby potty trains at different times and you may spend more money if you go for a more eco brand). But using cloth nappies you could look at spending £100 or less especially if you buy pre loved.
  2. Environment. Disposables don’t biodegrade so they are just going into landfill and making more waste which isn’t helping our planet. Reusables may end up in landfill when you’re done with them but you are most likely to recycle them and you only need around 20 to start with unlike the 100+ you will go through with disposables.
  3. Chemicals. Unless you go for a nice clean eco brand the regular high street nappies contain tons of plastic and chemicals, they are a chemical product. When that’s coming into contact with delicate skin they are bound to get things such as nappy rash (which is seen less with babies who use reusables).

I thought It’d be easy, cost efficient and stress free but I had made such a big deal of it in my head I had scared myself and panicked that I hadn’t got what I needed for my sons arrival.

We are now 8 months into parenthood and I feel like I can finally speak about cloth nappies. I get asked frequently how I find them and still the big question, ‘What about the poop’? This is something I used to laugh about whilst browsing different sites and looking into different devices to get rid of the waste but it’s honestly not like that at all, (not for now anyway).

After lots of research I felt my best option would be all in ones. I wouldn’t have to faff around with inserts and dealing with all the extra material (although I did buy some two parters).

When Austin was born we used a brand called gNappies, they have a tiny newborn size that you put a biodegradable insert into. They were so easy to use and assemble and perfect for all the changes the first month or so he was born. We were also in the hospital for 5 nights so they were super easy to use as we could just chuck the insert away and pop another in, or stick the whole thing into a wash bag to take home and clean.

When Austin was really young we also bought some Lil joeys, these are an all in one and have built in dual inner gussets to catch any explosive poops they may do! I loved these nappies and they come in the cutest prints.


Brands such as Bambino Mio are fantastic and you can even pick them up in your local Aldi on special offer sometimes. They started to fit Austin properly around 3 months. (That can be the one issue if you are planning to use AIO’s as every baby differs in size and shape. Along with these I bought around 12 cheap pockets and inserts on eBay called Little Blooms that have been fab! I recommend the microfibre inserts from them as I also ordered some bamboo but they don’t hold any liquid it just rolls straight off no matter how many times I wash them, which isn’t what you want.

We also kindly got gifted a Real Easy which is a sized all in one nappy and was honestly one of my favourites. It came in a really cute print and it just had a really nice fit for Austin, this also contained a bamboo insert which was attached to the nappy.


We also got two Wonderoos V3s which is a one sized pocket nappy. These come in some awesome designs and have a detachable insert which you can double up if using as a night time nappy or as they get older. We kindly got these as well as some reusable sanitary pads from :

I was so worried when it came to cleaning but especially having a breastfed baby it is so simple. Once i’m done with a nappy I will put the whole thing into a wet bag (I don’t even have to touch it). Once I have a full load I empty this into the washing machine and stick on a normal wash.

Now I would recommend checking the brands washing instructions as some require a 60degree wash (With this I will throw in some towels or other things I wash on 60 so i’m not just washing a few nappies).

We also use cloth wipes for nappy changes which I got from:

I absolutely love her designs and they are super soft, I also use the reusable make up wipes from her.  With these I simply use some warm water, no oils no cleaning products just plan simple water which is nice on his skin. These get thrown into a wet bag and into the wash when I’m done.

It really is so simple, if you are considering using reusables I would have a look and see if your local council have someone in your area that do loan outs. I didn’t personally have one in my area but it seems like many people do which offers you to try different brands before you buy so you know what works for you.

Lucy xo





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