Must haves: DockAtot

I had heard of DockAtot whilst browsing hundreds of baby sites and must have products. It was a constant item that came up on blog posts and youtube videos.

I had also heard from a few friends how it was a must have product for a newborn. So I knew it’d be ideal for Austin to have.

Some key points of this product are:

  • It reinvents the womb (I love the shape and design of this product, it looks incredibly snug whilst being safe).
  • Portability (The DockAtot is so lightweight and you can purchase carry cases for them. This was a major factor for us as we travel so much we could just pick up the DockAtot and head on the road. Having a flat bottom you can put it on pretty much any surface for your little one to rest whilst being safe and secure.
  • Lounging/Playing/Resting (I take this everywhere around the house with me. It’s so perfect to have in the kitchen when we need to cook or take outside so I can hang the washing out. Austin absolutely loves being able to lay down around the house and it means we can still get on with work.

Since giving birth and having Austin home with us i’ve recommended this product to so many upcoming parents. It’s going to make travelling and sleeping elsewhere comfortable and relaxed and its given us as new parents freedom around the house.

We have some upcoming trips away which we need to take so being able to put this straight in the car and know we can just take it out and put Austin down is such a good feeling. It doesn’t need any setting up or adjusting, just take it straight out of the bag put it on the floor or bed and you are good to go.

The grandparents also love this as when they look after him they still have the freedom of being able to cook but keep an eye and talk to him.

I’m just amazed how much he loves being in his DockAtot and falls to sleep instantly. Now we just need an adult one so we can all sleep snug!

^^ Find yours here!

Thanks to DockAtot for kindly gifting us this product.


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