MOD Pizza (AD)

‘MOD Super Fast Pizza first opened its doors in downtown Seattle in 2008. It was founded by Scott and Ally Svenson and inspired by their love of authentic Italian street pizza and the UK Mod movement of the 60s and 70s’.

Whilst we were on tour in the UK the pizza chain MOD who have restaurants in London, Brighton, Nottingham, Leeds and Gateshead kindly offered to cater lunch for us so we could try out their vegan pizza!

Walking in the door I loved the style they had going on everything had that american pizza/diner feel with a rustic appliance look to the furnishings.

You pretty much can make your own pizza that’s what I loved straight away! You walk up to the counter and practically get to create what you want.

I must say this is probably the best vegan pizza I have EVER had! The dairy-free cheese they use just melts so perfectly and doesn’t have that weird gooey texture like some do.

The topping selection had a wide variety although i’d like to see them try out some meat free toppings and get creative with that side 😀

Always love having bottomless drinks on offer and the location we went too in Brighton was sat nicely on the marina!

10/10 Just gutted there isn’t one local to me!

Lucy & Rich xo


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