Vegan in Bristol!

I decided to get the train up to Bristol to visit Rich for his birthday, seeing as he was working away and i didn’t want him to be alone for his 26th.

We’ve never properly been out in the city only for work or grabbing a quick bite to eat, so we thought it’d be nice to have some time off and explore the city (more like the food).

I was linked to this amazing website:

Where we managed to plan everywhere we wanted to eat and try. This was a massive help and really easy to navigate! I also love the fact you can see all the different food places in the area and not just the city centre.

As I arrived I met Rich at the train station and we were both starving so headed to a little favourite spot of ours ‘Cafe Kino’.

We have been here a few times so thought we would satisfy our hunger and then pop out again later. (Being pregnant is a great excuse to eat great food all the time XD).

I had the delightful BLT and a sausage roll which clearly didn’t make it into a photo 😛

Rich had some sort of burger (I was too busy paying attention to mine) but he clearly was excited and indulged in that! 10/10 every time!

Later that evening we popped out for some grub before heading to the cinema for date night!

We thought we would try Pepenero Pizza at The Full Moon Bar I had a ham and pineapple side (Pineapple always) and Rich had mushroom and sausage.

This was one of the best vegan pizzas I have had along with a really good vibe at the bar.

We went to see ‘Get Out’ at the cinema which I hadn’t previously heard anything about. The movie was awesome and had a real twist at the end (wasn’t what I was expecting). Although I don’t know how we felt with the racist comments they used, it did make me feel rather uncomfortable for obvious reasons.

The next morning we popped along to after hearing so many good things and recommendations! The Spotless Leopard is a little pop up van that serves vegan food around Bristol. We both had one of the bean and lentil burgers that was smashed up into a wrap with a bunch of sauces and goodies. It was so much better than I could have imagined and every bite left you with a new taste and texture! Truly was delightful.

It was our last day and we thought we would try a place called ‘VX’ Well we certainly saved the best for last!

Oh my goodness this was a vegan dream! All the junk food you could ever wish for along with fridges and freezers stocked with different food and drinks! This is one place I am excited to head back to with the family!

Of course we had to take some cakes away, the best was definitely the chocolate eclair, i’ve not tried one since being vegan but this was insane! One of the best desserts i’ve had.

I was super impressed with all the options Bristol has to offer and it has definitely become one of my favourite places to eat alongside Glasgow.

Rich & Lucy xo


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